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Suresh Jayaram
Raghu Tenkayala
1.Shanthi Road

Elisabeth Lengheimer, Salon Emmer
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Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2010


laundry of people living in tents in the basement of a building, where construction works are pausing.

salon emmer
katté-being at home

Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010


pause - moments of having a break and experiencing community in an urban surrounding.
while searching for people pausing on the street we realised that women hardly pause on the streets. for them the public space seems to be a place of passage, making their way from one destination to another.


salon emmer
katté-being at home

mother earth

'mother earth' was a dance-project with the 70 'bandhavi'-girls of visthar (a secular, non-profit organization, committed to enabling women, children and other marginalized sections realize their rights. the performance of 'mother earth' was part of the celebration of international women's day at visthar, march 8th.

'once upon a time, a long long time ago the four children of mother earth, fire, earth, water and air met in a beautiful garden. After sunset they lit a bonfire, set around and started to tell each other stories.
fire said: after a long day of hard work when it´s getting cooler, people use to sit around me and celebrate and sing and dance.
seeing the dancing shadows of the flames on the floor, earth thought of all the wild animals, living in the djungels, grasslands and fields.
water felt that it had to share a lot and told three stories of heavy rainfall, blossoming fields and the big ocean.
hearing the rush of the ocean, fire, earth and water fell asleep. air was a bit disappointed, that they all would have fallen asleep before hearing air´s story. but then it decided to sent them a beautiful dream of flying.
in their dreams, flying up in the sky they all could see the beauty of the whole planet. they could see firing mountains, animals and nature and the big oceans living together in harmony and they felt the equal importance of each of them.'

salon emmer
katté-being at home

I want to see how the metro looks

invitation-mail, `rootless rituals', february 24th :
'.....within the last two weeks we came in touch with different views and perceptions concerning the changing environmental conditions in bangalore. it seemed to us that there is a strong need to respond to the fast and reckless reconstruction of the city. with the loss of old landmarks and trees, people seem to loose their confidence in their city as a sheltering place....
in this context, on hearing about cultural/traditional rituals performed around peepal/neem/other trees we wondered if we could find/create different rituals to perform around living and dead trees, and particularly around tree stumps, pulled out dead root balls still lying around near GPO circle and other places.... we therefore invite you to take action with us on wednesday, march 3rd, 9 am, meeting point: 1 shantiroad. we then move to the spots to carry out our action.'

performances, march 3rd :

`move against it - rituals` at a spot in the city, where the signs of change are still visible.
commentary of a passer: 'trees have been cut. no oxygen for men. we cannot cross the road because of heavy traffic. we can´t stand in the hot sun`

discussion after 'pausing in a treeshape' in the middle of the road in a place, where there are no traces of change left.

.... questions after taking action:
who owns the city?
whats the difference between being an activist and a performer?
the importance of your own roots?!

katté-being at home


1 shanthi road

suresh, owner of 1 shanthi gallery
gallery-space 1 shanthi:

suresh on the topic of "home" (audio coming soon)

suresh on the topic of "pause" (audio coming soon)

mona, house-maid of 1 shanthi.

shiva, shop-keeper opposite 1 shanthi.

garbage dump opposite 1 shanthi.

salon emmer
katté-being at home

pedagogic tools for community-dance

pedagogic tools for community-dance has been a workshop for foundation-course students at attakkalari, which provided students with pedagogic skills to make a dance lesson work and with tools to teach dance in diverse communities.
salon emmer shared its passion in creating opportunities for people to experience and participate art and to engage with dance.

salon emmer
katté-being at home

81 maps of shanthi nagar

maps hanging on a laundry string.

pupils having a look at their exhibition after school.

'81 maps of shanthi nagar' is an idea linked with 1 shanthi road´s project 'negotiating roots`. in a drawing-workshop at padmavathi-montessori school (andree road, shanti nagar) pupils from primary to secondary classes were encouraged to draw a citymap, showing their favourite places and important landmarks for them on their way from school to their home.
the 80 drawings of shanthi nagar were exhibited at 1shanthiroad-gallery. furthermore five of the maps were enlarged and attached to the outside wall of the gallery. an empty map was installed next to those drawings, inviting passers to draw a common map.

katté-being at home

guerilla dance and performance kit

has been a workshop for foundationcourse-students at srishti college for art, design and media. it focused on movement and dance practise for interventions in public space. considering the class to be a performance the students were invited to perform movement actions in public space. using improvisational structures they worked on their own personal, social and political site-specific commentary.

salon emmer
katté-being at home