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Suresh Jayaram
Raghu Tenkayala
1.Shanthi Road

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Deepak Srinivasan, Maraa

Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

Around a Tree, an urban tree festival:Images from "Mobile Poster Gallery" day

pictures from the mobile poster gallery, film screenings and kabir evening

Around a Tree, an urban tree festival- what it looked like.

Mittwoch, 21. Juli 2010

Tree Planting at a Government School

Montag, 5. Juli 2010

Mobile Poster Campaign- Sample Posters 2

Mobile Poster Campaign- Some posters

Freitag, 2. Juli 2010

around a tree brings you an evening of Kabir songs

around a tree, an urban tree festival brings you,
Gyaan Ki Jadiyaan
Roots of Wisdom
Songs of Kabir that evoke inner and outer ecologies

3rd July, 5.00pm
Bandstand, Cubbon Park

Shabnam Virmani
Shabnam Virmani is a filmmaker and artist and has documented the lives and work of artists and music practitioners from Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Pakistan for a series of films on Kabir
call Deepak on 9343763497 for details
Bring mats to sit on the lawn & enjoy the music and umbrellas to enjoy the drizzle if any!

image credit: Mishta Roy

Moving In-between- a participative public art installation

around a tree brings you,

Moving In-between,
a participative public art installation
11am, Sat, 3rd July
Sampige Road near mantri mall
led by Pallavi and Mithila

note from the artist
thoughts meander...and respond to change

as a commoner amongst 20,000 thousand other people in the city, i move in buses, autos, bikes and cars to various lanes covering the never ending length and breath of the ever growing Bangalore. Changing it to Bengaluru only harshly reminds you of a past with wide roads, greener trees and modest city. The change in name not only shuns memory of a colonial past but also reminds one to look at what surrounds us here and now.
I don't mean to point fingers and throw howling baggages at anyone. The city, my city as I see it, is changing!

Definitions have evolved. More and more people have come in and we have extended into disappearing lakes and drying fields. Concrete parks with hanging bridges awaits us...rather we wait for the traffic to move.

While we're made to wait..we're forced to think...about the smiling billboards overpowering the tin sheets.

Change - Inevitable - we all know it. Let’s not brood over nostalgia and lash out on the migrants. It was changing then and it's changing now. But it's the's too fast.

Trees have been the source of memory, inspiration and identity for Bangalore, but with massive changes in the infrastructure, a severe loss of the urban majestic greenwood is being experienced and grieved. and one such are the sampige trees on sampige road.

'Sampige road', 'Sampige threatre' gets it's name from the trees laid across the road that stretches to a few kilometers. With the new mall, the traffic over powers the trees and the road has extended beyond the trees. They now stand as barriers, while the two-wheelers, cars and buses move in-between the trees causing much worry for both the drivers and the traffic cops. there are no confirmed details on whether or not these trees are 'marked' to be cut. But a definite fear.

the installation is a mere thread to collect and connect responses. whether it's to the tree or the people behind the axe.
medium - kora cloth, black paint and brush - paint your thoughts, slogans, songs, etc and tie them around the trees.