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Dienstag, 29. Juni 2010

Krumbiegel Project

Mr.Krumbiegel at his office inside Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore
Mr.Krumbiegel with his daughters at their official residence inside Lalbagh
A sketch of Mr. Krumbiegel- 1940

Picture Courtesy : Dawn Willmott

This project focuses on Gustav Herman Krumbiegel,(1865-1956) who is a horticulturist and an one of the chief architects of Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. His contribution is very important and is significant in creating an identity of a Garden city for Bangalore. He introduced several exotic trees into Bangalore and curated the planting of species that flowered serially and was called “serial blossoming”. The research on him is fragmentary and will need more inputs from different sources for a comprehensive presentation about his life in India and his involvement here to a larger public. The process will involve sourcing letters, photographs and the construction of landscape and town planning drawings that reflect the making of the garden city and will also highlight the contribution of other distinguished individuals who have contributed to this legacy. We hope to find this information from public and private collections for the exhibition. The project will focus on the environment and heritage of tree species.

A comprehensive study has to be undertaken to establish the contribution of Gustav Krumbiegel through research, documentation and a curated art exhibition. This work will also focus on the environment and the making of the garden city as an ideal utopia, a city envisioned as a planned landscape.

Note on Krumbiegel

It was Krumbiegel’s work at the Gaekwad’s estate at Ooty which brought him into contact with Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar. Krumbiegel joined Mysore State service in 1908 as the Curator of Botanical Gardens at Lalbagh on the retirement of John Cameron. As a result of merger of various parks and gardens, hill stations and other horticultural establishments into the Department of Government Gardens, Krumbiegel’s position was elevated to the cadre of Superintendent, and subsequently, to the post of Director of Horticulture.

His tenure as the Director of Horticulture started with hectic plant introduction activities. He had a keen insight about the methodical development of horticulture, on both aesthetic and commercial lines. His keen interest in arboriculture led to Bangalore’s famed tree lined streets. To raise the reputation of the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, he introduced an incredible number of exotic floras by making global correspondence and contacts. His focus on economic horticultural activity has made Bangalore today a well know centre of floriculture and horticulture.

He served the State as for 25years as “Economic Botanist to Government” till his retirement in 1932. Apart from heading the department he was also instrumental in founding various important cultural institutions like the Mythic Society and Mysore Horticultural Society. After his retirement, he settled at Bangalore and worked as the ‘Landscape Advisor’ to the state of Mysore, till his death in the year 1956, he is buried in Bangalore. The city is indebted to him, except for a road named after him. Unfortunately there is no official public acknowledgement of him or a special publication, and this is an opportunity to work on his unique contribution.
A public awareness through curation of his work and life and an exhibition will include the works of various visual artists who have responded to this research.

Curator and Researcher : Suresh Jayaram
Research Assistant : Raghu Tenkayala

Artists :
Shamayala Nandish
Suresh Kumar,
Dilip da Cunha and Anuradha Mathur
Ayisha Abraham

The contributors for the publication include :

Dilip Da Cunha and Anuradha Mathur
Prof.Suresh Jayaram,
Dr.Hittal Mani
Prof.Dr.Chandan Gowda